Academic Calendar
Summer 2014...
Summer Registration begins April 14, 2014

Classes Begin/End
June 2 - July 25 Regular 8-week term
June 2 - June 27 First 4-week term
June 30 - July 25 Second 4-week term
Last day to register, add, or drop a class, or change from audit to credit.
June 6 Regular 8-week term
June 3 First 4-week term
July 1 Second 4-week term
Senior Citizen Registration
Begins April 15 and ends on the last day of registration for each term as listed above.
Last day to change from credit to audit
June 27 Regular 8-week term
June 13 First 4-week term
July 11 Second 4-week term
Last day to withdraw from a class
July 11 Regular 8-week term
June 20 First 4-week term
July 18 Second 4-week term
Before the first meeting Workshops
Holidays - Campus Closed
May 26 Memorial Day Holiday
July 4 Independence Day Holiday
Graduation Application Deadline
June 13 Summer Diploma/Certificate
July 2 RADT Pinning
July 24 Nurses' Pinning