Meet Our Faculty
Gayle Richerson
Thank you for visiting my page. I have been in nursing for over forty years. A nurse is definitely a part of who I am not just what I do. Nursing has never been a job for me. Nursing is my calling and a life-long commitment. I have been teaching at CCC since the fall of 2010 and I enjoy every minute. Nursing is so diverse one can always find an aspect of the profession that is a good fit for them. I have always loved the challenges of providing care and I find I am even more excited about sharing the journey with students. It is energizing to observe novice nurses move into competent and independent professionals. My desire is that each student will discover at least the joy and personal fulfillment I receive from the profession and pass that on to future generations of nurses. I am located in office 915 in the Sisler Bldg.
Career Information
- Experience in ER, OR, PACU, ICU, Medical-Surgical, L&D, Post-partum, Home Health, Hospice, Infection Control and Nursing Administration.
- Diploma-Mary Meek School of Nursing Abilene, Texas 1971
- BSN-Eastern New Mexico University 2010
- MSN-Lubbock Christian University 2014
HCA 101
N202 Physical Assessment
N124 GU-Repro
N222 Endocrinology
N222 Sensory-Integumentary
N222 ER Preceptered Rotation
N202 Advanced Skills Lab Coordinator
N124, N202, N222 Clinical Rotation- Acute Care PM
Office Hours
Monday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Tuesday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 to 1:00 pm
Contact Information
 Gayle Richerson  Gayle Richerson