Meet Our Faculty
Raymond Walker
Career Information
- Cisco Certified Network Associate and Academy Instructor (CCNA, CCAI)
- CompTIA A+ (220-801/802)
- Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
- Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology
- Associate in Applied Science in Avionics Systems Technology
- Associate in General Studies
- 1208 hours of formal training in analog and digital electronics, and computer maintenance and basic programming
- 1424 hours of formal training in microwave and communications technologies
Fall 2014 Courses:
CIS 102 Networking Concepts (Cisco curriculum v5.0, classroom)
CIS 106 Windows Fundamentals (online)
CIS 108 Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting (classroom)
CIS 120 Introduction to Information Systems (classroom & on
Office Hours
Fall 2014
Mon. - Wed., 3:30 - 5:30 PM
Contact Information
 Raymond Walker  Raymond Walker