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Technical Requirements

Before enrolling in a course delivered via the Internet, you should review the following information:

  • If you plan to complete coursework from home, you must own a computer, have a local Internet connection through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and depending on the course, some application software.

  • Your Clovis Community College email address is established when you register for an online course with Clovis Community College. Student email information and login instructions can be found on the ecampus website.

  • Your computer should have a supported Internet browser for WebCT. Use your mouse and click on the words "Browser Test" below to help you determine if your Internet browser is a supported browser for the WebCT course delivery system.(


  • Academic System users (Math students) should use the Support Center from Plato Learning. Use the links " What are the current system requirements?" and "How do I install the Interactive Mathematics Client version 11.0?" under FAQ's on the Plato support webpage.                     
  • You will need to disable any "Pop-up" blockers when working in WebCT. Many of the features in WebCT use pop-up windows.

  • Toolbars - If you have downloaded a toolbar, such as Google or Yahoo, you may have problems with WebCT. You may either uninstall the toolbar, disable it, or reconfigure it to allow pop-up windows to display in WebCT.

  • Antispyware - We recommend you run an anitspyware utility product. Free programs available on the internet are:

    Lavasoft Ad-Aware (
    Spybot Search& Destroy
    Windows Defender

  • If your course uses PowerPoint presentations (.ppt,.pps, .pptx, .pptm), and you do not have Microsoft Office 97, or Microsoft Office 2000 or better, you may need to download and install PowerPoint Viewer 2007 to see your CD PowerPoint presentations or those PowerPoint presentations on the web site. You may download at this link: PowerPoint Viewer 2007.
  • You should have sufficient knowledge of your computer system and its operations before enrolling in an online course.
Last updated: Fall 2008
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