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A rich tapestry of circus entertainment at Marshall Auditorium...

Be dazzled by a collage of colors, clowns and cut-up acts on April 17, when Montage performs at 7 P.M. at Marshall Auditorium. A collection of traditional and cutting-edge circus acts featuring former members of Cirque du Soleil's Mystere, O, Saltimbanco, Alegria and Quidam. Montage is a show of daring and skill that defies the perception of what is impossible. Acrobats on German wheels, aerial straps of lycra and chiffon, balancers on canes, contortionists, pole climbers, jugglers, and duo hand balancers will inspire and awe you. Eclectic dance ensembles fuse ballet, modern dance, Brazilian capoeira and acro-dancing ranging from the electrifying to the serene. Montage is a collage of sight, sound, mood, thrilling intensity and amazement, and soaring beauty and sweet comic relief that takes the audience on a breathtaking roller coaster of experience and emotion.

WonderWorld Entertainment creates a whimsical world of animated characters that each plays a role in a cinematic tapestry. A driving drumbeat mixed with salsa and world music intertwines in an ever-changing backdrop of colors, shapes, and textures created by light. The acts weave together in a 90-minute collage of traditional cutting-edge circus arts and comic relief hosted by a wisecracking Ringmaster, who demonstrates his passion to become a movie director, and Raven, a red featherless acro-dancing bird who shadows the Ringmaster in her search for fame. Amidst a versatile dance ensemble, the Ringmaster also presents lizard leaping pole climbers, a mind-boggling contortionist, duo hand balancers, aerialists, and a bombastic juggler—trilling like Charo and dancing on the stage as if he's in the last round of a marathon. Journey with WonderWorld Entertainment into the creative power of imagination and allow us to invoke an awe-inspiring experience.