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ENMR•Plateau to Implement New Technology...

Clovis - ENMR•Plateau and Clovis Community College's Cisco Networking Academy are working together to provide fundamental Internet Protocol (IP) training in preparation for customer migration of 'Voice Over IP' (telephone over the Internet). Currently, IP is the main method used to communicate over the Internet. Because implementation of this new technology is taking place throughout the U.S., ENMR•Plateau is preparing its employees with as much IP savvy as possible in preparation for the transition.

Over the next few months, CCC faculty and staff will provide ENMR technicians instruction in networking concepts and terminology so they can gain a collective understanding. Terry Davis, Cisco Networking Academy instructor, will provide information about the necessary cables and equipment at the basic network level. His instruction will include some of the basic fundamentals:

• Technical events when a message (email) is transmitted using the Internet;

• The format of an email message upon receiving it (as an IP packet);

• Computer network interpretation and utilization; and

• Network selection for messaging.

This private business and public institution partnership accommodates teaching and learning outside the tradition. The flexibility of both entities meets training needs and increases efficiencies by which other groups could benefit.