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Clovis Community College Receives Property Donation...

Clovis Community College President Dr. John Neibling announced during the December 19th Board of Trustees meeting that Dr. Elwyn Crume donated property to be used in conjunction with the Norman and Vi Petty Performing Arts Center. The property is located at 108 West Second Street, next to the center. According to Dr. Crume, "When the theater was donated to the college, I felt this property would be an ideal additional space. My intent is to give back to the community and to the college what belongs with the theater."

"We are very grateful to the Crume family for this extremely generous gift to the college. It fits right in to the college's vision of creating a fine arts performance venue in the heart of Clovis," said Dr. Neibling. Dr. Becky Rowley added, "The College is very excited about this generous donation which will allow for expansion to accommodate space for a green room or other uses and help in what we can offer in the performing arts field in the future."

As the Norman and Vi Petty Performing Arts Center continues to be developed, this property will be included as a part of that project. For more information about the Performing Arts Center please contact the CCC Foundation at 575.769.4956.