Emergency Alert / Procedures

The Clovis Community College campus will be closed on Friday, February 27. All classes and community events scheduled have been cancelled. The Health and Fitness Center will remain closed on Saturday, February 28. We apologize for any inconvenience. Essential administrative and physical plant personnel should check with their supervisors concerning the need to report to campus.

Clovis Community College now provides a service that will send you text messages on your cellular phone and e-mails in the case of an emergency or weather-related closures and delays.

If you would like to subscribe to the Clovis Community College Emergency Alert System, please click here.

Clovis Community College follows this procedure in responding to seasonal winter weather hazards and notifying students and employees.

When an overnight storm is expected to leave ice and/or snow accumulations, the President or designee makes a determination concerning possible modification of regular campus schedules.

The determination might be to open at the usual time, close campus for the day, or open on a delayed basis. If the campus will open on a delayed basis, most employees will report at the announced time when the campus will open and when classes will begin meeting. However--the President's Council, Physical Plant staff, and Campus Security should still report by 8:00 to make preparations and field phone calls. In the event that the campus is to be closed for the day, Physical Plant and Campus Security staff will still report that day unless otherwise advised by the supervisor, in order to make ready for reopening on the following day.

To be notified by text messaging or e-mail of weather-related closures, you can subscribe to the CCC Emergency Alert System.

To find out what the plan is, you can tune to one of the following local radio stations: KCLV (1240 AM or 99.1FM), KSEL (1450 AM or 95.3 FM), KKYC (102.3 FM), KSMX (107.5 FM), KTQM (99.9 FM), KWKA (680 AM), KMUL (1380 AM, Spanish Language), or KICA (980 AM). Weather-related closure information may also be posted on the following television channels: KFDA-Amarillo, KAMR-Amarillo, KVII-Amarillo, KOB-Albuquerque, and KRQE-Albuquerque.

Notice of cancellation and/or campus closure will also be posted via a banner on the Clovis Community College Web page, so if you have Internet access at home or anywhere, you can check that. If no information to the contrary appears, you may assume that the campus is open on a normal operating schedule.

When inclement weather develops during the workday, a determination will be made by 4:00 p.m. as to whether any evening classes (normally classes beginning 5:00 p.m. or later) will be cancelled. For classes already underway at the time of a cancellation notice but not included in the cancellation, instructors may use discretion, or may be advised administratively, concerning possible early dismissal.

The College recognizes that some students travel a considerable distance to the campus to attend classes. When classes have not been cancelled but travel will be dangerous because of hazardous weather conditions, students should exercise judgment about whether to travel to campus. If not attending for this reason, the student should contact his or her instructor as soon as possible.