Clovis was Filled Full of Chatter 



Clovis, NM-As part of the 2018-2019 Cultural Arts Series, Chatter, or known in Albuquerque circles as Chatter ABQ, performed one of their rare larger-scale performances for Clovis, Thursday, February 7, at 7 PM in Marshall Auditorium. This opportunity allowed the public to witness a performance full of programmatic bravery and an eclectic music experience.


ChatterABQ/ Ensemble Music New Mexico presents a full spectrum of chamber music in the classical idiom – from Baroque through the 21st century, with attention to American composers. 60+ unique concerts are presented each year. Chatter performs in unconventional, intimate venues; fosters curiosity about and understanding of today’s composers by juxtaposing and weaving together new and traditional classical music.


The Clovis performance included a classical piece from Mozart, an ambitious work notable for the contrasting instruments and richness of the tone color, “Divertimento in D major;” a superb contemporary piece by Gabriela Frank, “Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout;” and Franz Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden,” a piece that is the composer’s testament to death.


Linda Sides, a Clovis native, and her husband David attended the evening concert and was impressed with the diversity of the performance. "It is a pleasant mix of classical and foreign interpretation of scenes from another country."


Earlier in the day, third grade students from Clovis Municipal Schools were engaged in an outreach with Chatter. Teachers reported that this type of opportunity was unique and a first for their students who otherwise would not have been able to witness a concert. Brian Uerling, music teacher at Highland Elementary, stated:


       “My students never (or very rarely) have the opportunity in Clovis to

        hear and see live performances on orchestral string instruments.  They

        were very excited and enthusiastic about this aspect of the concert.  It

        benefits me as a teacher to have a live validation of things that have

        previously been YouTubed or on a digital recording.”


Students were educated about string instruments and quartets, particularly the difference between a violin and a viola, as well as provided a history lesson on some of the the composers of the pieces. Student comments included:


“I like the viola—it’s sound is more mellow than the violin.”

“That was amazing!”

“I would like to go up close and see that cello—cool!!”

 “It was awesome because the music sounded peaceful, and I like peaceful music.”

“I thought it was pretty cool because I had never heard that kind of music.”


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