Dual Credit

For more information contact
Robin Kuykendall
Director of Extended Learning
Phone: 575.769.4916

Earn credit for high school and college...

CCC's dual credit programs provide opportunities for high school students to take college courses for both high school and college credit.
  • Campus classes — be a part of a college course by attending a class at CCC
  • Online classes — participate in CCC college courses offered via the internet
  • Career Technical Institute classes — career-technical courses for students from participating high schools that are taught on campus in the afternoons
  • ITV classes — academic courses from the New Mexico common core of general education that are taught on campus by CCC faculty and delivered via interactive teleconferencing to participating high schools
  • Classes taught at area high schools for dual credit — check with your high school for availability
Advantages of the Dual Credit
  • Dual Credit helps students complete a college program of study more quickly and with less expense by starting college while in high school
  • New Mexico high school students' tuition is waived and their high school provides the textbooks
  • Experience the requirements of college-level work
  • Transition to college by experiencing the college environment
  • Courses and laboratories not available at your high school
  • Research shows dual credit students have more success as full-time college students
Program Requirements
To be eligible for dual credit a high school student must:
  • Be a current high school student from a school district that has a dual credit agreement with CCC
  • Attend high school half-time or more
  • Take the ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer assessment test and have appropriate scores for course(s)
  • Complete the dual credit enrollment form that includes approval by high school and parents
  • Enroll for credit, not audit
  • Consent to the release of CCC grades to your high school

Get Started in these Easy Steps:
  1. Talk with your high school counselor about dual credit
  2. Apply for admission to CCC using the High School Admission Application form
  3. Take the Accuplacer assessment or make a copy of your ACT or SAT results
  4. Complete the CCC online Student Orientation
  5. Complete the dual credit enrollment form including parental signature
  6. Turn in the forms to your high school counselor or at CCC