Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning / Refrigeration

The number of jobs is expected to increase 7 to 13 percent through the year 2016!

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Is there a future in an HVAC career?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the employment opportunities for a trained HVAC technician are limitless. Approximately 15 percent of technicians are self-employed. Most technicians are employed by cooling and heating contractors although many find employment for various industries such as fuel oil dealers, refrigeration and air-conditioning service and repair shops, schools, and stores that sell heating and air-conditioning systems as well as local and federal governments, hospitals , schools, and other organizations that utilize huge climate controlling systems.

Why choose a career in HVAC?

As long as there are people, there is going to be the need for air-conditioning and heating. The great thing about choosing this career field is the freedom for geographic location. An HVAC technician is needed here in New Mexico where air-conditioning seems to be imperative as well as in a typically colder state, like Wyoming, where heating is necessary for survival. In addition to keeping people safe and comfortable, HVAC technicians play a vital role in keeping many items like food and medicine from spoiling due to lack of refrigeration. While opportunities are good across the board in heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration, the best opportunities exist for those with formal training. Obviously, cooling and heating systems must be kept functioning properly by businesses and people, despite what economic problems might exist.

What will I learn in the HVAC program at CCC?

  • Fundamentals of Refrigeration/Electricity
  • Domestic Refrigeration
  • Residential Air Conditioning/Heating
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Commercial Air Conditioning/Heating
  • Solar and Electrical Systems Interpretation
  • Systems Design and Heat Load
  • Small Business Management

Why is the HVAC program at CCC so outstanding?

In 2011, the HVAC program at CCC was awarded a five-year accreditation from HVAC Excellence, Inc. for exceeding the industry standards in curriculum, facilities, and staff. In addition to a Certificate of Completion or an Associate of Applied Science Degree, students will also receive an EPA Section 608 Certification, HVAC Excellence Student Outcome Assessment Electrical Certification and an R410A Refrigerant Certification.

Here are the classes you need to take in order to earn your Certificate of Completion in Residential HVAC/R or your Certificate of Completion in Commercial HVAC/R or you can earn your Associate of Applied Science in HVAC. You can also view the CCC Course Catalog for more details, including course descriptions.

Gainful Employment

For more information about the Certificate of Completion programs, including graduation rates and the median debt of students who completed the certificate, please click HERE.