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Interviewing can bring about sweaty palms, a racing heart, and forgetfulness in just about anybody! Even the most seasoned interviewees can benefit from practicing and preparing for an interview.

Set up an appointment for a mock interview so that you can practice becoming a confident and successful interviewee!

Interview Tips:

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
    Nerves and lack of preparation can be avoided if you practice and research the company before an interview. Being long-winded during an interview makes you sound chatty and unprepared. How do you avoid this common babble blunder? Keep your answers to 60 seconds or less during an interview. You can perfect this by practicing answers to typical interviewing questions ahead of time. This will help you sound intelligent and polished.
  • Do Your Homework!
    If you're lucky (and talented) enough to consider several job offers at once, you've got some homework to do. Before you accept an offer based solely on salary or location, research the companies that want to hire you. If the employer is relatively new, find out what impartial analysts say about their business plan. If you are considering a traditional corporation, check out the company's earnings history.
  • Dress for Success
    How you present yourself in an interview can say a lot about how you will perform and conduct yourself as an employee. Making sure your clothes are cleaned and pressed, not wearing distracting make-up or perfume/cologne, and having your hair neat are just a few ways you can come off confident for an interview. Unsure of how to dress? Call the company's HR office ahead of time and inquire about their dress code.
  • Salary Negotiations
    You've been offered a job! You should be happy with the salary that was offered to you, right? Salaries are often based on the job expectations, education, years of experience, and other skills that can benefit the job., which reports data from the Department of Labor, is one way you can research what a competitive salary is in your local area. Don't be afraid to request a counteroffer if you believe that the salary you've been offered doesn't accurately reflect your skills and/or abilities. Research and prepare an explanation as to why you believe you deserve a particular salary and present that to your hiring manager.

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