Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts

We offer knowledge that builds upon knowledge.

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Paul Nagy

Is there a future with a Liberal Arts degree?

Knowledge that builds upon knowledge. When you learn something, your brain remembers how you learned it and sets up new pathways, and if necessary, new categories, to make future learning faster. The strategies and habits you develop also help you learn more easily. And just as importantly, good learning habits can be transferred from one subject to another. Exercise in various areas builds brainpower for whatever endeavor you plan to pursue.

Why pursue a degree in Liberal Arts?

Our mind is like a muscle; exercise makes it stronger and more able to grasp ideas and do intellectual work. Exercising the mind in one area —whether literature or sociology or music—will strengthen it for learning in other areas as well. What at first was so difficult—the habits of attention and concentration, the ability to follow arguments, and the ability to distinguish the important from the trivial and to grasp new concepts —all these become easier as the mind is exercised and enlarged by varied study. Good judgment, like wisdom, depends upon a thoughtful and rather extensive acquaintance with many areas of study. While a liberal arts education may not teach you how to take out an appendix or sue your neighbor, it will teach you how to think, which is to say, it will teach you how to live. And this benefit alone makes such an education more practical and useful than any job-specific training ever could.

Why is the Liberal Arts program at CCC so outstanding?

At CCC we are proud to offer our students a Liberal Arts curriculum that is designed for those students who seek not to declare a major immediately but who wish to complete an associate degree as a foundation for a future baccalaureate degree. Students will learn many fundamental skills and attributes essential in a competitive job market. Our dedicated, professional staff will teach you things like effective oral and written communication, the ability to identify and define problems and tasks, the ability to think independently and creatively as well as the ability to organize ideas and create solutions.

Here are the classes you need to take in order to earn your Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree. If you prefer, you can achieve a Certificate of Completion. You can also view the CCC Course Catalog for more details, including course descriptions.