Resume Assistance

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Felecia Ten Eyck
Career Services

We're here to help bring out your unique skills and experiences so that you can achieve a better resume. This service is available to both community members and students.

If you would like to update your resume, please contact us in the Career Services Office to set up an appointment. Once all requested information has been received, resumes will be completed in 7 business days unless otherwise notified.

Resume Tips

  • Spell It Out!
    Don't bog down your resume with obscure acronyms or abbreviations that may confuse an employer or recruiter. Spell out organization titles or company names to make sure that your audience understands what you are talking about.
  • Don't Waste An Employer's Time!
    Always assume recruiters are busy. Most have stacks of resumes to read every day. The last thing you want to do is waste their time. Don't staple your cover letter to your resume. Staples only get in the way when employers attempt to copy or scan your resume.
  • Ouch! Avoid Careless Mistakes!
    A few careless mistakes will find your cover letter and resume tossed aside. Spelling errors and typos can cost you the job! Check and double-check your materials before sending them to an employer. Be sure that you've put the right cover letter (with the right company name all the way through) in the correct envelope. You'd be surprised at how many cover letters arrive in Human Resources addressed to the wrong corporation!
  • References Can Make or Break You!
    Just because you have a great list of references doesn't mean they will talk when your prospective employer calls. As you select references, make sure you choose individuals who not only worked with you on a daily basis or special project, but who are also willing to talk about your achievements and character traits. How can you ensure they'll be your biggest cheerleaders? Keep in touch with your contacts and follow-up after an interview so they have an idea of how your job search is going. Never had a job? Use instructors or volunteer coordinators as your references!

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