The Course Review Process

1. Instructors whose course will be reviewed should submit an Online Course Peer Review Application. 

2. After the application is approved, a QM Coordinator will be assigned and will send the instructor a Course Worksheet.

3. The instructor will complete the Course Worksheet and acknowledge the Responsibilities for Online Course Accessibility document.

4. The QM Coordinator will assign and confirm a QM qualified review team of three (3) members and assign a Review Team Chair.

5. The reviewers and the course instructor will meet to discuss the Course Worksheet and address questions or concerns prior to the course review.

6. Peer reviewers will have up to three weeks to conduct the review and submit their feedback to help the instructor revise the course to meet the standards.

7. The instructor will receive written feedback listing points awarded for each standard and suggestions for improvement.

a. Standards Met: To successfully complete the review process, the course must receive at least 85% of the total points possible, and must meet all essential (3-point) standards.  Upon successful completion of the course review, the course will be recognized as one of CCC’s Exemplar Online Courses and assigned the Outstanding Online Courses badge that will be attached to the Canvas course homepage.  The instructor will also be recognized on CCC’s Off the Script.

 b. Standards Not Met: If the course does not meet QM expectations upon the initial review, support will be provided to implement revisions using the reviewers’ feedback to meet the 85% or better standard.  All course revisions should be completed within 3 months of the review end date.  After the course revisions are completed, a re-review by only the Team Chair will take place.  The Team Chair will review the course to confirm the QM standards are met. 

8. The results of the Online Course Peer Review are only available to members of the Review Team, faculty member, Instructional Technologist, Division Chair, and Executive Vice President.


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