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Prevent Plagiarism. Engage Students.

Turnitin improves the student writing cycle by preventing plagiarism and providing rich feedback to students. Their core services are fully integrated: OriginalityCheck plagiarism prevention, PeerMark peer reviewing and GradeMark paperless grading. This integration is a major step in providing users with a productivity-enhancing "all-in-one" perspective of students' work.

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Instructor Access

Online Courses: Online instructors already have access to Turnitin through Canvas. Use the following resources to enable Turnitin for Canvas assignments.

In-person courses: In-person instructors have two options to access Turnitin. Option #1 is recommended since many students are already familiar with Canvas.

Option #1: All in-person courses automatically have access to a supplemental online Canvas shell. In-person instructors can utilize this shell to access Turnitin the same way online instructors can access. See the "Online Courses" section above for more info.

Option #2: Instructors can contact the technologist to request a Turnitin account to access the website directly. This account will give you access to www.turnitin.com to create courses, assignments, etc. Here are some step-by-step handouts you can give your in-person students.

Training & Support

The following support and training materials will assist students and instructors in getting started with their Turnitin accounts:

Turnitin Training Site: series of tutorials that feature videos and/or written documentation on features available to instructors at Clovis Community College.


Meeting Educational Standards

Learn how Turnitin meets the Common Core State Standards.





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