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You need to choose a research topic that interests you. Remember that the point of a research assignment is to “create a clear research question or thesis that turns the project into something that addresses a problem or deals with an issue.” Consider what issues affect your life. How can you explore that issue and come to a conclusion on your own? There are many places for you to get research ideas from. Consider some of these:

  • Your class discussions and lectures
  • Your reading (both in and out of class)
  • Your interests and life experience
  • Background information on people, issues and events

For Example: If you are studying global warming, your topic might be how global warming affects the polar bear populations above the Arctic Circle. Or, if you are studying special education, your topic might be how to help students with autism reach out more in communicating. You can always use Google to help you find research topics, but it is important that you choose something that interests you and then use the scholarly databases to back up your claims.

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