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Stuck on that term paper? Have no fear...the Writing Center team is here to help you with APA and MLA formatting, citing resources, and working out any grammar and spelling kinks you might be running into. Let's meet the team!


Winona Johnson

Winona Johnson


My name is Winona Johnson and I attended Eastern New Mexico University where I received a bachelor’s of university studies with concentrations in English and communication.  I was born on Cannon Air Force Base, but my family moved to Italy for six years.  After that my father was stationed back at Cannon and now I live in Clovis.

Some of my hobbies include reading, drawing, painting and listening to music.  My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo and I enjoy reading other classics.  When it comes to drawing, my favorite medium is charcoal.  I am always looking forward to each day that I get to work at the writing center where I hope to be helpful to others.

If I had to choose an actress to play me, I suppose I would pick Irene Bedard.

Damon Pearce

Damon Pearce


Writing has been an important part of my life beginning with reporting for my community, high school and university newspapers many years ago. I grew up in Lamesa, Texas where my high school journalism teacher was a significant influence on my life. I attended Texas Tech University where I majored in journalism and English, graduating in 1986. I worked for a daily newspaper after graduation before my life turned in a new direction and I began work in church ministry. Writing has remained an important part of my occupation, however, preparing messages and studies for my congregations, and working on my graduate degrees. I completed a bachelor's degree in music at Houston Baptist University, and Master's degrees in Divinity and Christian Ministry at Wayland Baptist University. I have enjoyed teaching in the Writing Center at Wayland, and had the opportunity to teach writing in Kenya in 2015. I look forward to helping students at Clovis Community College achieve their very best writing through the campus Writing Center.

David Brosseau

David Brosseau


Locating grammatical errors, diagramming sentences, writing essays — all things that most people hate, but that a nerd like me loves! As a homeschooled kid, one of my favorite workbooks was Editor in Chief®, which honed my skills of detecting and diagnosing errors at a young age. That love continued into college, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts with Honors in the field of English from Wayland Baptist University.

I worked at the WBU Writing Center for five years, assisting both undergrad and masters students. I had the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds, including foreign exchange students from Wayland's Kenya campus as well as students from Latin America, Germany, and Asia. I am delighted to once again offer my services at a writing center! I hope that my experience and my natural passion for writing will enhance the CCC community.

Outside of the writing center, I am a pianist and songwriter, aspiring poet and storyteller; and freelancer for editing, graphic design, and manuscript formatting. But my most important role is husband and father, and I adore my wife, Caitlin, and the five wonderful children we share.

Bridget Richard

Bridget Richard


Hello! My name is Bridget. I'm originally from California, but spent most of my life in Albuquerque where I developed a love for hot air balloon crewing and (occasionally) flying. I was desperate to escape after graduating high school, so I moved down to Portales where I received my bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in agriculture at ENMU. I am currently working through a master's degree in English at the same university and hope to pursue teaching in the future. I enjoy helping both people and animals and currently have my own flock of four rescued fur-children at home. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, and attempting to be crafty

Angeline Dorvil

Angeline Dorvil


Hi, my name is Angeline Dorvil.  I was born in Haiti and moved to the US when I was 12.  I am a graduate student at Eastern New Mexico University in Communication Disorders. I used to live in Philadelphia before moving to Clovis.

I enjoy learning new languages, traveling, and doing community service work. I am planning to learn Russian and Thai languages on my next adventure. I was a member of the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. I love animals and have my dog here with me named Ben.

I enjoy reading and writing in any language that I am trying to learn, which helps me get different perspectives of the culture.

I am very excited and look forward to helping with any writing issues.

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