Starfish for Students

Starfish is an Early Alert retention tool that supports student academic success. Starfish simplifies communication between students, faculty and support services. Through Starfish, you can connect with a network of faculty and staff who directly support your success at CCC. 

Starfish Early Alert allows an instructor to notify you when there is a concern regarding your course grades or academic performance. These Early Alert notifications called “Flags” identify concerns such as frequent absences, missed assignments, low scores or possible failure in a class. Starfish also allows instructors to give praise or “Kudos” to celebrate a student's success or improvement in a class. “Referrals” are used to direct you to a particular student service on campus.

Notifications are sent to your CCC email or may be viewed on your Starfish Profile Dashboard.

Your Right to Know

  • The only members that will be able to view a raised flag will be the instructor that raised the flag, advisors and members of the college that are associated with the flag, and yourself.  
  • Starfish flags are raised in support of you, not against you.  If you receive a flag, you are not "in trouble". You are encouraged to respond and take action on your instructor's concerns.
  • Starfish data is protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
  • Tracking Items (Flags, Kudos, Referrals) are part of your student record.

Student Resources

The following resources are available to students to download:

This Flag will be raised when student attendance (on-campus) or participation (online) adversely affects his/ her academic performance in the course.

This Flag will be raised if the concern is not adequately addressed by the standard flags and may adversely affect student retention or performance in the course. 

This Flag will be raised if the student's course grade is low enough there is a likelihood they will fail the course without effective intervention. 

This Flag will be raised if the number or type of unsubmitted work significantly and adversely affects the students overall course grade. 

This Flag will be raised to indicate that a student has never actively participated in an online class by submitting assignments, participating in discussion boards, or otherwise being active.

This Flag will be raised to indicate that an onsite student has never attended their onsite class.

This flag is a last resort.

This Flag will be raised when it becomes highly unlikely based on student's progress in the course to date that they cannot mathematically or realistically pass. 

The "Raise Your Hand" feature is a way for you to ask CCC For help. It is a way for you to raise a Flag on yourself so that we can connect you to the best resource on campus. You can raise any of the following Flags:

1. I Need Help

2. I Need Help Choosing a Major

3. I need Help in a Course

4. I need Help Paying for College

Log in to your Starfish account select the 3 lined menu at the top left of your screen, and select "Raise Your Hand" - We will connect with you as soon as we can!  

Contact Info

CCC Help Desk
Call: 575.769.4969
Toll free: 1.800.769.1409

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Fridays: 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Interim: 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Winona Johnson

Student Retention Coordinator &
Starfish Administrator:
Winona Johnson
Call:  575.769.4188

Chance Webb
Student Resource Coordinator: 
Chance Webb
Call:  575.769.4022

Title V Instructional Technologist:
Selina Marriott
Call:  575.769.4017



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