Faculty at CCC

Name Title Email Phone
Ham, Melissa Program Director melissa.ham@clovis.edu 575.769.4997
Lotz, Melanie Phase III Cosmetology Instructor melanie.lotz@clovis.edu 575.769.4104
Reed, Melissa Business Instructor melissa.reed@clovis.edu 575.769.4967
McGill, Shawna Program Director for the Nursing Program shawna.mcgill@clovis.edu 575.769.4954
Richeson, Scott Criminal Justice Instructor scott.richeson@clovis.edu 575.769.4914
Gurule, Cori (BSN, RN) Nursing Instructor cori.gurule@clovis.edu 575.769.4968
Broom, Robin Physical Therapy Instructor robin.broom@clovis.edu 575.769.4067
Rapp, Gregory Full-Time English Instructor gregory.rapp@clovis.edu 575.769.4930
Heath, Brad Health and Physical Education Instructor brad.heath@clovis.edu 575.769.4156
Szaloy, Mae Cosmetology Instructor szaloym@clovis.edu 575.769.4103
Schwertner-Watson, Erin Math Instructor erin.schwertner-watson@clovis.edu 575.769.4947
Hochhalter, Gina L English Instructor gina.hochhalter@clovis.edu 575.769.4939
Roberts, Cory Science Instructor cory.roberts@clovis.edu 575.769.4910
Bridinger-De Leon, Vicki Full - Time Instructor in History vicki.deleon@clovis.edu 575.769.4906
Jackson, Patricia Camille Nursing Instructor patricia.jackson@clovis.edu 575.769.4987
Powers, Michael History Instructor michael.powers@clovis.edu 575.769.4934
Nagy, Paul English Instructor paul.nagy@clovis.edu 575.769.4908
Probasco, Erica Nursing Instructor erica.probasco@clovis.edu 575.769.4989
Whittington, Callie Nursing Instructor callie.whittington@clovis.edu 575.769.4983
Lindsey, Carolyn Art Instructor carolyn.lindsey@clovis.edu 575.769.4932
Benavidez, Kristin Nursing Instructor BenavidezK@clovis.edu 575.769.4048
Chavez, Simon Communication Instructor simon.chavez@clovis.edu 575.769.4928
Poindexter, Sean Welding Technology Instructor sean.poindexter@clovis.edu 575.769.4917
Nieman, Emilee English Instructor emilee.nieman@clovis.edu 575.769.4754
Peabody, Kelsi Nursing Instructor kelsi.peabody@clovis.edu 575.769.4139
Johnson, Janett Full - Time Division Chair English, History, Music and Theater and English Instructor janett.johnson@clovis.edu 575.769.4929
Davis, Terry Full-Time CIS Instructor terry.davis@clovis.edu 575.769.4163
Finney, Brandon Mathematics Instructor finneyb@clovis.edu 575.769.4933
Anderson, Aaron History Instructor aaron.anderson@clovis.edu 575.769.4960
Sanchez, Monica Accounting Instructor monica.sanchez@clovis.edu 575.769.4948
Williams, Jan Health and Physical Education, Employee Wellness Program Coordinator jan.williams@clovis.edu 575.769.4154
Pharies, Donna Math Instructor donna.pharies@clovis.edu 575.769.4952
Guillen, Teresa Instructor of Spanish teresa.guillen@clovis.edu 575.769.4938
Jerige, Lauren (MSN, RN) Nursing Instructor lauren.jerige-mcdaniel@clovis.edu 575.769.4988
Blair, Paul Instructor of Automotive Technology paul.blair@clovis.edu 575.769.4178
Albright, Dana Psychology Instructor dana.albright@clovis.edu 575.769.4944
Anderson, Autumn Cosmetology Instructor autumn.anderson@clovis.edu 575.769.4108
Hughes, Michelle Science Instructor michelle.hughes@clovis.edu 575.769.4919
Varnado, Brandi Physical Therapy Instructor brandi.varnado@clovis.edu 575.769.4098
Lockmiller, Aaron Nursing Instructor aaron.lockmiller@clovis.edu 575.769.4981
Kuykendall, Robin Director of Extended Learning. Occupational Technology Chair. robin.kuykendall@clovis.edu 575.769.4916
Caffey, Mary Math Instructor mary.caffey@clovis.edu 575.769.4945
Mitchell, James Industrial Technology Instructor james.mitchell@clovis.edu 575.769.4904
Walker, Raymond Division Chair, CIS, ART, and Communication |CIS Instructor raymond.walker@clovis.edu 575.769.4957
Tyson, Amy Nursing instructor Amy.Tyson@clovis.edu 575.769.4985
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