Mission Statement

The Clovis Community College Radiologic Technology Program was established to equip students with the necessary tools to provide diagnostic imaging to patients as an entry-level Radiographer.

Program Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Students will be clinically competent


  • Students will demonstrate accurate positioning skills.
  • Student will select appropriate technical factors.

Goal 2: Students will demonstrate communication skills


  • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  • Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.

Goal 3: Students will employ critical thinking and problem solving skills


  • Students will perform non-routine procedures.
  • Students will evaluate images.

Goal 4: Students will demonstrate professionalism


  • Students will practice professional behavior.
  • Students will understand the importance of professional development.


Program Effectiveness

Year Program
Completion Rate*
ARRT Examination
Pass Rate**
Job Placement


(10/12) 83% (7/10) 70% (7/8) 87%


(13/14) 93% (13/13) 100% (13/13) 100%


(11/11) 100% (11/11) 100% (9/10) 90%


(13/14) 93% (12/13) 92% (12/13) 92%
2015  (10/12) 83% (10/10) 100% (8/8) 100%
2014 (13/13) 100% (13/13) 100% (11/12) 91%
5 yr. average for ARRT examination pass rate = 52/56 = 92%
5 yr. average for job placement rate = 47/51 = 92%

*Program Completion Rate is calculated as: Number of graduates/Number of students who started in cohort.

Disclaimer: Total Number of Students include students initially enrolled, transfer students, and re-admits. This rate includes students who have withdrawn due to unforeseen circumstances, such as job transfer, new military orders, illness, etc.

**ARRT Examination Pass Rate is calculated as: Number of students who passed ARRT exam/Number of students who attempted the ARRT exam within six months of graduation.

Disclaimer: Based on first time attempt only. Eligible applicants may attempt their certification a maximum of 3 times.

***Job Placement Rate is calculated as: Number of graduates who were employed in radiology/Number of graduates actively seeking employment in radiology. The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) has defined not actively seeking employment as:

1) Graduate fails to communicate with program officials regarding employment status after multiple attempts

2) graduate is unwilling to seek employment that requires relocation

3) graduate is unwilling to accept employment due to salary or hours

4) graduate is on active military duty, and/or

5). graduate is continuing education.

Disclaimer: Based on employment within 12 months of graduation.


Contact Info

For more information about CCC's Radiologic Technology program, please contact:

Melissa Ham,
Program Director

Bri Bowley
Academic Advisor

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