CSS Laptop Loan Policy

In order to take advantage of our laptops, please stop by and pick up or download the Laptop Loan Form.

Below are the terms included on the form:


TERMS OF USE: Clovis Community College, through the Laptop Loan Program Policy, provides laptop computers free of charge to any currently registered student. You, the student are responsible for the laptop computer at all times. You, the student will be financially responsible for replacement of all damaged, lost, or stolen computers and/or accessory parts (excluding normal wear and tear). It is your responsibility to take care of this equipment while it is assigned to you, especially keeping all pets and/or food and drinks away from the computer. Any problem with the laptop or accessories must be reported to the Center for Student Success Open Computer Lab. Failure to do so will result in punitive actions in accordance with campus policies. Failure to return the laptop at the specific date and time could/will result in the filing of formal criminal charges.

  • Laptop Loan Period: Course length (8-16 weeks). Laptop is due the last day of class. If student withdraws, the laptop is due by the Friday of the week of withdrawal.
  • Clean Laptop: Laptop unit, charger, and bag must be returned in clean condition.
  • Return Policy: Laptops are due no later than 7:00 pm on the due date listed above
  • LATE RETURN POLICY: Laptops returned after 7:00 pm are considered “late.”
  • 1st Late Offense – Student is suspended from laptop checkout for the following class session.
  • 2nd Late Offense – Student is suspended from laptop checkout for remainder of the academic year.
  • Permanent Suspension – Laptops that are not returned will be reported stolen. If police involvement becomes necessary, or a laptop is returned with severe damage, student will be permanently suspended from laptop checkout.

(Updated Oct. 2018)

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