Traditional Text Book Affordability Program

Traditional Text Book Affordability Package 

The following courses are the part of the traditional textbook affordability package. Textbook fees are $25 per credit hour for these courses. Courses not listed here are either part of the programmatic textbook affordability package or do not require a textbook. Contact for more information.

ACCT 2110            Principles of Accounting I

ACCT 2120            Principles of Accounting II

ACCT 2220            Computerized Accounting

ANTH 1140           Intro to Cultural Anthropology

ARTH 1110           Art Appreciation

ARTH 2110           History of Art I

ARTS 1240            Design I

ARTS 1250            Design II

ARTS 1410            Introduction to Photography

ARTS 1520            Digital Media I

ARTS 1610            Drawing I

ARTS 1620            Life Drawing I

ARTS 2410            Black and White Photography

ARTS 2620            Life Drawing II

AT 100                 Intro to Auto Electronics

BIOL 1110C           General Biology Lecture/Lab

BIOL 1130C           Introductory Anatomy & Physiology Lecture & Lab (Non-majors)

BIOL 2210C           Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture & Lab

BIOL 2225C           Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lecture & Lab

BIOL 2310C           Microbiology Lecture/Lab

BUSA 1110           Introduction to Business

BCIS 1110             Fundamentals of Information Literacy & Systems

BLAW 2110           Business Law I

BOFT 101             Personal Keyboarding

BOFT 102             Computerized 10-Key Operations

BOFT 115             Workplace and Life Essentials

CHEM 1120C        Introduction to Chemistry Lecture & Lab (Non-majors) *For face-to-face class only

CHEM 1215C        General Chemistry I Lecture & Lab for STEM Majors

COMM 1130         Public Speaking

COMM 2120         Interpersonal Communication

CIS 101                 Fundamentals of Computer Concepts

CIS 106                 Windows Fundamentals

CIS 107                 Internet Fundamentals

CIS 125                 Introduction to Programming Concepts

CIS 134                 Computer Hardware & Software

CIS 140                 Introduction to Word Processing

CIS 150                 Introduction to Spreadsheets

CIS 203                 Configuring Connection Enterprise Services

CIS 232                 Server Administration Using Microsoft Windows Server

CIS 235                 Fundamentals of Network Security

CJUS 1110            Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJUS 1120            Criminal Law

CJUS 1140            Juvenile Justice

CJUS 2140            Criminal Investigations

CJUS 2215            American Judicial System

CJUS 2320            Gangs in American Society

CJUS 2340            Victimization in American Society

DANC 1110           Dance Appreciation

ECED 1110            Child Growth, Dev & Learning

ECED 1115            Health, Safety, & Nutrition

ECED 1120            Guiding Young Children

ECED 1125            Assessment of Children and Evaluation of Programs

ECED 1130            Family & Community Collaboration

ECED 2115            Introduction to Language, Literacy & Reading

ECED 2120            Curriculum Development through Play Birth through Age 4 (Pre-K)

EMS 120               Emergency Medical Technician-Basic

EMS 120L             Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Lab

EMS 122               Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate

EMS 122L             Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate Lab

ENGL 1110           Composition I

ENGL 1120           Composition II

ENGL 1410           Introduction to Literature

ENGL 2210           Professional & Technical Communication

ENGL 2380           Introduction to Short Fiction

ENTR 2110            Small Business Management

EXSC 1110            Youth Fitness

FDMA 1210          Digital Video Production I

FYEX 1110            First Year Seminar

HLED 1120            American Red Cross First Aid & CPR/AED

HLED 1130            Concepts of Health & Wellness

HLED 1220            Personal Health Management

HLED 2510            History & Philosophy of PE

HIST 1110             United States History I

HIST 1120             United States History II

HIST 1130             World History I

HIST 1140             World History II

LEST 102               Introduction to Legal Assistant Studies

LEST 105               Legal Writing, Terminology, and Research I

LEST 106               Legal Writing, Terminology, and  Research II

LEST 108               Administrative Law

LEST 220               Family Law

LEST 229               Contract Law

MGMT 2110         Principles of Management

MKTG 2110          Principles of Marketing

MATH 1130          Survey of Mathematics

MATH 1215          Intermediate Algebra

MATH 1220          College Algebra

MATH 1230          Trigonometry

MATH 1350          Introduction to Statistics

MUSC 1130          Music Appreciation: Western Music

MUSC 1220          Fundamentals of Piano for Non-Majors

NSG 105               Medical Terminology

NSG 128               Pathophysiology

NSG 150               Healthcare Ethics

NUTR 2110           Human Nutrition

PHIL 1120             Logic, Reason & Critical Thinking

PHIL 2110             Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 2230             Philosophical Thought

PTA 100                Orientation to Physical Therapy Practice

PTA 110                Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology

PTA 120                Exercise and Mobility

PTA 220                Clinical Practicum I

PTA 240                Seminar in Physical Therapy

PTA 250                Clinical Practicum II

PHYS 1115C          Survey of Physics with Lab

PHYS 1230C          Algebra-Based Physics I Lecture & Lab

POLS 1120            American National Government

PSYC 1110            Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 2120            Developmental Psychology

PSYC 2130            Adolescent Psychology

PSYC 2140            Child Psychology

PSYC 2210            Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 2250            Brain and Behavior

PSYC 2310            Drugs and Behavior

PSYC 2380            Death and Dying

RELG 1110            Introduction to World Religions

RELG 1126            New Testament

SIGN 1110            American Sign Language I

SOCI 2240            Sociology of Intimate Relationships & Family

SOCI 2310            Contemporary Social Problems

TRST 0910            Basic Writing Skills I

TRST 0911            Basic Writing Skills II

TRST 0920            Basic Reading Skills I

TRST 0921            Basic Reading Skills II

TRST 0930            Basic Algebra I

TRST 0931            Basic Algebra II


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