Business & Industry Training

Large businesses or small employers, public or private enterprises, even non-profits face technological innovation, revised regulations, and constantly evolving needs of customers. Ultimately, business success depends upon how well an organization adapts to change. Clovis Community College provides training that will enable your company; your workforce; your people – your most vital asset; meet these perpetual challenges.

We have training programs ready and available.  Existing curriculum can be customized or new training platforms created to meet your specific needs.  We have traditional classrooms, hands-on labs, online courses, or we can arrange to have the course organized on-site for your convenience. 

Training examples include:

  • Use of Software Tools
  • Situational Awareness and Self-defense Instruction
  • Customer Service Empowerment
  • Leadership and Teamwork Coaching
  • Workplace Spanish
  • Stress Management
  • Health, Fitness and Exercise
  • ...and many others!


Contact Info

For registration and course information or to explore possibilities, please call: