Campus Student Life

CCC student organizations help members get involved in campus life, reach their academic milestones, and become more engaged in their career path.


Viva! HSO

Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE)

ANTSHE believes that adult learners reach a higher level of success and completion of their degree programs when they have the support of faculty, administrators, advisors, and other members of their informal support network (i.e., friends, family, colleagues, etc.). Interested in joining? Contact William Cochran at


CAB students serving foodCampus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board is a student run organization. It is a merger of the former Student Government and Student Senate. Its main goal is to improve campus life through providing social, recreational, educational and cultural programs at CCC.

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Viva! HSO

Gender/Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

All of our work with students focuses on leadership development and activism that prioritizes building alliances not only across sexual orientation and gender identity lines, but also across race, ethnicity, and inclusion. If you are interested in joining GSA, please contact Emily Glikas at


Viva! HSO


Military Community Group

Are you a military spouse or dependent? Are you interested in being part of a Clovis Community College based military student group? Contact Nohemi Lara-Miller at or Erin Thomas at



Mixed Gaming Club

Through gaming and mutual interests, students gain the opportunity to find a healthy balance in learning and leisure. We strive for our members to gain positive experiences through the Mixed Gaming Club to grow strategically, mentally, and academically. Students that participate in the Mixed Gaming Club have the opportunity to have fun, meet new peers, and become the best possible version of themselves. If you are interested in becoming part of the Mixed Gaming Club, please contact the Campus Life Office at 575.769.4085.

PTK Logo

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society

PTK is a national honor society that recognizes and encourages scholarship among associate degree students. PTK's beginnings on our campus go back to 1991. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is by invitation only. A student must be degree-seeking at CCC and have completed 12 credit hours with a GPA of 3.5 to qualify.

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Radiologic Technology students volunteering in the communityRadiologic Technology Students Association

Radiology students are invited to join this professional student association, whose purpose is to foster interest in the imaging profession and to promote professional behaviors including but not limited to community service, excellent patient care, and ethical behaviors and to foster active involvement in professional societies.

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CCC's Student Nursing Association

Student Nurses Association

Pre-nursing students and student nurses are invited to join this professional student association, which is a stepping stone to membership in the professional nursing association after graduation. A student can hold membership at the local, state, or national level. Members participate in fund-raising activities to help benefit needy families, fellow students, and to help with convention expenses.

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Viva! HSOViva! Hispanic Student Organization

Introduced to campus in 2003, HSO has been inactive for many years—until now! With Viva, students have an opportunity to learn more about Hispanic culture, volunteer at campus and community events, and learn more about themselves and others by forming lasting connections.

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Campus Student Life
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