Health and Physical Education

Health and physical education professionals possess the knowledge to help others reach health and fitness goals, leading to a better quality of life. This program is ideal for those interested in becoming coaches or personal trainers.

Thanks to the increased popularity in health trackers and fitness apps on mobile devices, people are becoming more aware and interested in topics like exercise, nutrition, and wellness. Earning a degree or certificate in health and physical education means becoming a trustworthy and experienced person that people can turn to when assessing their health goals. After graduation, students can look forward to exciting careers as teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, fitness professionals, and sports managers.

 We offer two credentials for students intrested in Health and Physical Education. Students hoping to work as personal trainers or contract coaches can earn a Certificate of Completion in Exercise Specialist. Students hoping to work in education or transfer to a four-year program can earn an Associate of Science in Health and Physical Education.

Certificate of Completion in Exercise Specialist

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • History and Concepts in Physical Education
  • Personal Health
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Weight Training

Associate of Science in Health and Physical Education

Students seeking this degree will also earn credit in the general education core. In addition to the topics covered in the certificate program above, students earning their Associate degree will also study:

  • Personal Health
  • Social Dance
  • Pedagogy
  • Nutrition

Associate of Science in Health and Physical Education


   Download Recommended Course Sequencing PDF


First Semester (Fall I):

  • COMM 1130 Public Speaking OR COMM 2120: Interpersonal Communication (3 Credits)
  • BIOL 2210C Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture & Lab (4 Credits)
  • ENGL 1110 English Composition I (3 Credits)
  • MATH 1130 Survey of Math (3 Credits)
  • PHED 1140, 1320, 1430, 1510, 1620, 1670, OR 1830 (1 Credit)



Second Semester (Spring I)

  • BCIS 1110 Fundamentals of Information Literacy & Systems (3 Credits)
  • BIOL 2225C Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lecture & Lab (4 Credit)
  • EXSC 2120 Structural Kinesiology (3 Credits)
  • ENGL 1120 Composition II OR ENGL 2210 Technical & Professional Communication (3 Credits)
  • PHED 1210, 1230, 1280, 2230 OR 2280 (1 Credit)



Third Semester (Summer): 

  • HLED 1130 Concepts of Fitness and Wellness (3 Credits)
  • Social & Behavioral Science (3 Credits)



Fourth Semester (Fall II): 

  • EXSC 1110 Youth Fitness (2 Credit)
  • HLED 1120 Am Red Cross First Aid CPR/AED (2 Credit)
  • HLED 2510 History and Philosophy of Physical Education (3 Credits)
  • HLED 1220, HLED 2110, NUTR 2110 (2-3 Credits)
  • Humanities (3 Credits)
  • PHED 1110 Dance: Ballroom (1 Credit)
  • Social & Behavioral Science (3 Credits)



Fifth Semester (Spring II): 

  • Arts (3 Credits)
  • Social & Behavioral Science, Humanities OR Arts (3 Credits)
  • EXSC 2110 Exercise Physiology (3 Credits)
  • HLED 1170 Fitness Concepts for Special Populations (2 Credit)
  • HLED 2230 Observation in Health & Physical Education (2 Credit)



 Total Credits Required: 63-64 

With our Certificate of Completion in Exercise Specialist, students must complete 30 credit hours, which can be completed in two semesters.

The Associate of Science degree in Health and Physical Education consists of 62-63 credit hours. Students enrolled full-time typically finish in four semesters.

Students interested in CCC's Health and Physical Education program can apply for general admission to the college and then file a degree plan with an Academic Advisor.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations in the arena of Health and Physical Education are expected to increase much faster than the average for all occupations. As more people become interested in physical fitness and wellness, more well-trained professionals will be needed. Fitness professionals may also find themselves working in an educational environment in P.E. programs and/or athletics. Some of the careers include:

Health and Physical Education

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