Payment Plans FAQ

Touchnet Payment Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

To Enroll in Touchnet

  1. Login to Pathway at
  2. Click on the Student Tab
  3. Click on ‘Pay Here with TouchNet’ under Registration Tools.  
  4. Read the pertinent payment information. 
  5. When ready, click on the ‘TouchNet Payment Services’ button.
For assistance, you may submit a help desk ticket from the Home tab on Pathway, call the helpdesk at 575-769-4969, or email the help desk at
Login to Pathway at  Click on the Student tab.  Click on ‘Pay Here with TouchNet’ under Registration Tools.  Read the pertinent payment information.  When ready, click on the ‘TouchNet Payment Services’ button.
The enrollment period for a payment plan begins the first day of registration for that semester. TouchNet payment plans are available Spring, Summer and Fall semesters.
You may make payment in full or initiate a payment plan. Partial payments are also possible, but a partial payment is not enough to secure your registration without being enrolled in a payment plan before published payment deadlines.
CCC offers a 5-installment interest-free payment plan each Fall and Spring Semester.  Summer has a 3-installment plan.
The 5-installment plan runs from June through October for the Fall semester and December through April for the Spring semester.  The Summer plan runs from May through July.
After the enrollment period for the 5-installment plan ends, other payment plans will be available prior to the start of each semester.  Payment plan enrollment must be completed prior to the payment deadlines for each term to prevent possible registration cancellation.
Please keep in mind that CCC bills tuition by term.  You must return to the TouchNet website to enroll in a new plan each semester.
Before the published payment deadlines, you should do one of the following:
  • Make payment in full
  • Initiate a TouchNet payment plan, which requires a 25% down payment
  • Confirm with the Financial Aid Office that you have completed your Financial Aid file
  • Complete a Pending Financial Aid Payment Plan (PFAPP) on TouchNet
  • Provide official Third-Party documentation to the Business Office.
PFAPP is a Pending Financial Aid Payment Plan.  It is available for students who have memoed aid posted to their student account.  Memoed aid status is a result of an incomplete Financial Aid file.  The PFAPP will charge a $10.00 payment plan fee to your student account.  No down payment is required.  No installment payments will be processed as long as your financial aid file is completed and sufficient financial aid award feeds to your account 10 days before the first installment payment is due. If you do not complete your financial aid file, or do not have enough financial aid to cover your balance, the installments will process on the due date as agreed.
It is the student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from classes through Pathway or in the Admissions Office.  Do not assume your registration will be automatically dropped for non-payment.
There is a $10.00 non-refundable enrollment fee charged to the student account at the time of enrollment in the plan.
There is no interest charged for the use of a TouchNet Payment Plan, however you will be charged a late fee of $10.00 if payments are not received by the installment due date.
Yes, you may set up your installments to be processed automatically each month.  If you choose not to schedule your installment payments, you will have to remember to login and process your payment each month to avoid late charges.
TouchNet allows you to save one or more payment methods to use later when you are processing a payment.  You can also schedule your installment payments so they will pay automatically and you do not have to log back in every month to make your payments.
Authorized users may view student account activity, make payments, and set up payment plans.  Log into the TouchNet system, click the ‘Authorized User’ link in the ‘My Account’ menu.  Click ‘Add Authorized User’, enter the email address of the authorized user, and you will grant the user permission to view student account information.  Click ‘Continue’ to finalize.
If you wish you make a payment toward a balance incurred in a past semester, please call the Business Office at 575-769-4132.
You must be enrolled in at least three credit hours to take advantage of the payment plan. 
Installments reopen if their due dates have not passed and you have new charges on your student account.
The plan is set up to pay your charges for a number of items, such as tuition, fees, (and books, if you have financial aid). Any time you have new charges for those items, your plan installment amounts will increase. Any time you have payments or other new credits toward those items, your installment amounts will decrease.  Balances on TouchNet recalculate overnight. If you do not see changes right away, check your account again in 24 hours. Monthly installment amounts will not adjust 7 days or less prior to a payment due date for changes to your account.  Your new payment amount will take effect on the following month’s payment.
An email notification is sent following each recalculation reflecting the new payment amount.  You will also receive a reminder email that your monthly installment is due 3 days prior to the installment due date.
You can make payments of any size toward your next installment at any time. Keep in mind that the entire installment amount must be paid by the due date to avoid late charges.
You do not need to do anything. When you enrolled in the plan, you set up payments to be processed automatically. One of those payments is being processed today. The TouchNet plan prevents you from making another payment on the same day to prevent overpayment or double payment.
Payments through any method will reduce your plan amount automatically. Any payment you make to CCC  will go toward your next plan installment.
 Yes, the original payment plan is calculated on the balance owed after all payments and/or financial aid credits are deducted from the amount due.
Financial aid awarded after the initiation of the plan reduces all installments equally.
Students cannot make payments toward a plan set up by an authorized user. If your authorized user enrolled in the plan, you can see it, but the authorized user must make the payments.

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