Phlebotomy Supply Costs & Fees

 In order to help prepare new and potential students for the out-of-pocket costs associated with the Phlebotomy program, below is a list of supply costs and fees that students will incur. The dollar amounts listed are strictly an estimate and may not reflect the actual cost. Costs and fees are subject to change at anytime.

Estimated costs for completion of the Phlebotomy program:
Fingerprinting $89
Liability Insurance $30


Varies by student

CPR certification

Books for all classes

Rent a Book: $ 43.95

Buy a Book: $ 63.95

Clinical scrubs $37.96 per set
Medical Supply Pac $136.00


Contact Info

For more information about the Phlebotomy program at CCC in Clovis, New Mexico, please contact:

Shawna McGill


Jennifer Bussey
Academic Advisor