Admissions Policies

Open Admission Policy

CCC is an open admission institution. Once students complete the application process they are admitted to CCC, assigned a student ID number ("C-Number"), and they are eligible to register for classes immediately.

Register or Add/Drop Classes

  • You can register, add and drop classes online via Pathway or in person in the Admissions and Records Office.
    • If a course has been dropped, it will not appear on your transcript.
    • Dropped courses are refunded at 100%.
  • Registration and schedule changes cannot be completed by phone.
  • The deadlines for making schedule changes are posted on the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawing from Classes

  • If the deadline to drop a class has passed, you may withdraw from the course instead.
    • Withdrawn courses not refunded.
  • If you withdraw from a course, it will appear on your transcript as a "W."
  • Course withdrawals cannot be completed by phone.
  • The deadlines for withdrawing are posted on the Academic Calendar.

Registration by Proxy

If you are unable to register yourself, another person may register for you. You will need to complete the Registration by Proxy Form or provide a written statement containing the same information. The form must be submitted at the time of registration.


You must have permission from an Academic Advisor and the Executive Vice President to register for an overload.

  • For the Spring and Fall semesters, 12-18 credits per semester is considered full-time. Any courses exceeding 18 credits per semester is considered an overload.
  • For the Summer session, 6-10 credits per session is considered full-time. Any courses exceeding 10 credits per session is considered an overload.

Registration Assistance

Students with health or physical limitations who would like assistance with the registration process may contact the Special Services Office at 575.769.4134 to make arrangements for assistance.

Auditing Classes

  • If you audit a class, you pay for and attend the class but you do not receive a grade or credit.
  • Audited courses appear on your transcript as "AU" with no credits awarded.
  • You may indicate that you are auditing a course when you register via Pathway or on the Registration Form.
  • The deadline to change a course from audit to credit or vice versa is posted on the Academic Calendar.

Articulation and Acceptance of Transfer Credit

Official transcripts for all degree-seeking students will be articulated in the Admissions and Records Office. Once the transfer articulation has been completed, students will be notified through their CCC student email account.  

Acceptance of transferable credit is based on the following criteria: Credit is accepted for equivalent college work from institutions accredited by a regional collegiate accrediting body or whose accreditation is from an accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Non-equivalent courses include, but are not limited to, denominational religion courses and basic skills courses (developmental or remedial). Technical/occupational/vocational courses may be considered for credit in the Associate of General Studies degree plan if the sending institution is accredited by a CHEA recognized accrediting body.

For more information about articuation and acceptance of transfer credit, please visit our online course catalog.


Commencement is held each year at the end of the spring semester. Learn more about graduation.

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