Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services professionals are the heroes in your community who come to help when you need them most. They are educated in life-saving measures and work in conjunction with hospitals and fire departments.

People's lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care of emergency medical technicians. EMT's are educated and ready to respond to anything from a major automobile accident down to slips and falls within the home. They use their skills and education daily to assist all members of the community and play a vital role in healthcare and public safety.

EMS students at Clovis Community College complete classroom and book work and are also required to complete clinical hours in emergency rooms and ambulances. Our instructors are employed by the cities of Clovis and Portales and work everyday in this exciting and fast-paced career field.

Topics Covered:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical Field Experience
  • Recognition of life-threatening conditions
  • Patient stabilization
  • Fluids and electrolytes
  • Adult and pediatric peripheral IV therapy

Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services


   Download Recommended Course Sequencing PDF


First Semester (Fall I):

  • BIOL 2210C Human A&P I Lec/Lab (4 Credits)
  • ENGL 1110 English Composition I (3 Credits)
  • MATH 1220 College Algebra (3 Credits)
  • PSYC 1110 Intro Psychology (3 Credits)



Second Semester (Spring I)

  • EMS 120 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (8 Credits)
  • EMS 120L Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Lab (3 Credits)
  • ENGL 1120 Composition II (3 󠆌Credits) 



Third Semester (Summer): 

  • COMM 1130 Public Speaking OR COMM 2120 Interpersonal Communication (3 Credits)
  • EMS 115 Anatomy & Physiology for EMS Professionals (4 Credits)



Fourth Semester (Fall II): 

  • BIOL 2225C Human A&P II Lec/Lab (4 Credits)
  • EMS 122 Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate (4 Credits)
  • EMS 122L Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate Lab (2 Credits)
  • PSYC 2120 Developmental Psychology (3 Credits)



Fifth Semester (Spring II): 

  • BCIS 1110 Fundamentals of Information Literacy & Systems (3 Credits)
  • CHEM 1215C General Chemistry I Lec/Lab for STEM Majors (4 Credits)
  • NSG 105 Medical Terminology (3 Credits)
  • NSG 150 Healthcare Ethics (3 Credits)
  • PHED #### (1 Credit)



 Total Credits Required: 61 

Clovis Community College offers three Certificates of Achievement in the following areas:

Certificate of Achievement in First Responder

  • One class, four credit hours
  • Completed in one semester

Certificate of Achievement in Emergency Medical Technician Basic

  • One class plus a lab, 11 credit hours
  • Completed in one semester

Certificate of Achievement in Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate

  • One class plus a lab, 6 credit hours
  • Completed in one semester

Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services

Students who receive their degree in Emergency Medical Services are more prepared fully licensed paramedics (by exam).

Students interested in CCC's Emergency Medical Services program can apply for general admission to the college and then file a degree plan with an Academic Advisor.

Employment for EMTs is expected to grow 6 percent faster than the average growth of other occupations between 2019 and 2029. Earnings of EMTs depend on the employment setting and geographic location of their jobs, as well as their training and experience. The median hourly wages for EMTS in 2020 was $17.62. 

EMT's are also known for their work in non-emergency settings such as hospitals and clinics.  EMTs use their skills to help with patient care, as well as assist the staff of the facility. 

Contact Info

For more information about CCC's Emergency Medical Services program, please contact:

Karen Burns
Program Director

ennifer Bussey
Academic Advisor