Getting Started

Getting Started

  • Complete the Admission Application
  • New students will need to create a login ID and a PIN
  • At the end of the application you will receive a student ID number called a C#. You will use this number to access all of your student information, so keep it in a safe place.

When should I register for classes?

Always register well in advance of each semester to ensure you have time to complete Tuition Assistance, receive text books, and other course materials. Depending on your location, it can take two weeks or more to receive textbooks. The Academic Calendar lists the dates of the upcoming academic semesters:

Steps to Enroll

Review the list below of approved courses for GEM online classes. Determine which classes you want to take (your education record on the Air Force Portal can be used to determine previously completed courses) and note the course information (example—ENGL 1110). This information will assist you in registering for these classes.


Area of Study Class Title (Code) (Hours)
Oral Communication Public Speaking (COMM 1130) (3)
Written Communication Composition I (ENGL 1110)* (3)
  Composition II (ENGL 1120)* (3)
Math Intermediate Algebra (MATH 1215)* (4)
  College Algebra (MATH 1220)* (3)
  Trigonometry (MATH 1230)* (3)
  Survey of Mathematics (MATH 1130)* (3)
Social Science Macroeconomic Principles (ECON 2210)* (3)
  Microeconomic Principles (ECON 2120)* (3)
  United States History I (HIST 1110) (3)
  United States History II (HIST 1120) (3)
  World History I (HIST 1130) (3)
  World History II (HIST 1140) (3)
  American National Government (POLS 1120) (3)
  Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1110) (3)
  Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 1110) (3)
  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  (ANTH 1140) (3)
Humanities Art Appreciation (ARTH 1110) (3)
  Introduction to Literature (ENGL 1410) (3)
  Philosophical Thought (PHIL 2230) (3)
  Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 2110) (3)
  Introduction to World Humanities I (HUMN 1110) (3)
  Introduction to World Humanities II (HUMN 2110) (3)
  Spanish I  (SPAN 1110) (4)
  Spanish II  (SPAN 1120)* (4)

  • Math and English courses require a placement score or prerequisite in order to enroll.  If you have taken an acceptable placement test within the last five years, you will need to send a copy of the scores to Admissions prior to enrolling.
  • Courses designated with an asterisk require prerequisites or placement testing.
  • If you have not taken a placement test, then you can make arrangements to have a test proctored by contacting the CCC Testing Center or having your Education Center representative make arrangements by contacting the CCC Testing Center for you to schedule an appointment.

Now that you know the courses you want to take, it is time to log in to Pathway.

  1. Click on How do I get my username and password? and enter your C#
  2. User the new user id and password to access Pathway
  3. Select the Student tab at the top—left side of the page
  4. Locale the Registration Tools channel and select Add or Drop Classes
  5. Select the appropriate term and click Submit
  6. At the bottom of the screen click Class Search
  7. Please note: Not all of the search fields must be "filled in" to find classes —— only those fields listed here need to be used
  8. For Subject, select the appropriate category (example: Communication, English, Mathematics, History, Sociology, etc.)
  9. For Course Number, type in the appropriate 4—digit number, such as 1110, 1120, etc. (Leaving this field blank will return ALL courses in the subject area)
  10. For Schedule type, select Online Course
  11. Now click Class Search at the bottom of the page
  12. Select the course you would like to register for
  13. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Register
  14. Repeat this process for all courses in which you want to enroll
  15. Click on Return to Student Tab (upper—left corner) to return to Pathway

When you are finished, return to the Student tab to view and print your tuition and fee charges.

  1. Locate the My Account channel and click on the term you just registered for
  2. Use the links at the bottom of the page for more information
  3. Click Back to Student Tab at the top—left to return to Pathway

Apply for and submit a Tuition Assistance (TA) application online using the Air Force Virtual Education Center accessible through your Air Force Portal. TA cannot be completed until 45 days before the classes begin. As soon as class registration is complete, contact your CCC Base Representative using the information on the Contact Info section on this page to prevent being dropped for nonpayment.

After the business office has received your tuition assistance approval, the CCC Business Office will process payment. Payment arrangements are due at the time of registration and if these arrangements are not made immediately following registration, courses may be dropped from your schedule.

Pickup textbooks from the CCC Bookstore

You can pickup textbooks in person at the CCC Bookstore or by phone at 575.769.4050.

Allow plenty of time for books to be delivered to you before your classes begin.

Contact Info

CCC Base Representative

Educational Services
Building 600, Suite 2092
Cannon AFB, NM 88103

Call: 575.784.6295
Fax: 575.784.9677

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday and Thursday
from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.