Dual Credit Classes

Earn credit for high school and college through CCC's Dual Credit Program

What are the advantages of Dual Credit?
  • Receive high school and college credit for courses taken
  • Fast-track undergraduate or vocational degrees and programs
  • Save on tuition and books
  • Gain access to courses and laboratories not available at high schools
  • Have access to all CCC services such as Library, Center for Student Success, Tutoring, Gym, and much more
  • Experience college environment and the requirements of college-level work
  • Gain confidence to be successful in college--Research shows that dual credit students have more success as full-time college students
What requirements do I have to meet before enrolling in the Dual Credit Program?
  • Take the ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer assessment test and meet the minimum score requirements for courses
  • Apply for high school admission to CCC
  • Complete dual credit registration form, which includes approval by high school counselor and parents
  • Consent to the release of CCC grades to your high school counselor
  • Students must register for credit, not audit
  • Students must have an educational plan on file
Who is eligible for dual credit classes?
  • Must be at least 15 years of age to be eligible for dual credit classes, but each high school has its own policy on who is eligible so check with your counselor first (some high schools allow dual credit for juniors and seniors only)
  • Must be a be a current high school student with a NM public, private, or charter school that has a dual credit agreement with CCC or be registered as a NM homeschool student with a STARS ID# from the Public Education Department
What will I have to pay?
  • Students attending public, private, or charter schools in NM are only responsible for any lab fees (under the NM dual credit agreement, tuition is covered by the state and high schools cover the cost of books)
  • NM homeschool students are responsible for books and any lab fees (tuition is covered by the state)
What classes can I take?
  • All dual credit students must have an educational plan on file.  Available classes will depend on the educational plan selected.  High School students should see their counselor to finalize an educational plan.  NM homeschool students must set up an appointment with the Director of Educational Partnerships/Dual Credit in Room 463 to set up an educational plan and register for classes. 
  • Students may still enroll in courses not included on their educational plan, but they will be responsible for tuition, books, and lab fees and can not earn dual credit.
  • Students must be a military dependent and have a military ID to take a class offered at Cannon Air Force Base.

Talk to your high school counselor today to get started! 


Contact Info

For more information about Dual Credit and Early Admission to CCC, please contact:

Angel Anaya
Email: anayaa@clovis.edu

Call: 575.769.4916