Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical Therapist Assistants work with physical therapists to provide patients with compassionate care that is backed with knowledge of kinesiology, rehabilitation, and more.

Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) provide physical therapy services under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. PTAs help people of all ages who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. PTAs work in a variety of settings including hospitals, private practices, outpatient clinics, home health, nursing homes, schools, and sports facilities. PTAs must complete a 2-year associate's degree and are licensed, certified, or registered in most states. 

Care provided by a PTA may include teaching patients/clients exercise for mobility, strength and coordination, training for activities such as walking with crutches, canes, or walkers, massage, and the use of physical agents and electrotherapy such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation.

Curriculum consists of: basic science coursework, technical coursework, including laboratory activities and practice, and clinical education experiences in a variety of healthcare settings.

Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistance


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First Semester (Fall I):

  • BIOL 2210C Human A&P I Lec/Lab (4 Credits)
  • ENGL 1110 English Composition I (3 Credits) 
  • MATH 1130 Survey of Mathematics (3 Credits)
  • PSYC 2120 Developmental Psychology (3 Credits)



Second Semester (Spring I)

  • BIOL 2225C Human A& P II Lec/Lab (4 Credits)
  • COMM 2120 Interpersonal Communication (3 Credits)
  • ENGL 1120 English Composition II OR ENGL 2210 Professional & Technical Communication (3 Credits)
  • NSG 105 Medical Terminology (3 Credits)
  • PHED #### (1 Credit) 



Third Semester (Fall II): 

  • PTA 100 Orientation to PT Practice (1 Credit) 
  • PTA 110 Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology (4 Credits)
  • PTA 120 Exercise and Mobility (4 Credits)



Fourth Semester (Spring II): 

  • PTA 130 PTA Concepts: Musculoskeletal (6 Credits)
  • PTA 140 Integrated Clinical Experience (1 Credit) 
  • PTA 150 PTA Concepts: Neuromuscular (6 Credits)
  • PTA 160 Plan of Care Implementation (2 Credits)



Fifth Semester (Summer): 

  • PTA 200 PTA Concepts: Other Systems (6 Credits) 
  • PTA 210 Advanced Plan of Care Implementation (2 Credits)



Sixth Semester (Fall III): 

  • PTA 220 Clinical Practicum I (5 Credits)
  • PTA 240 Seminar in Physical Therapy (2 Credits) 
  • PTA 250 Clinical Practicum II (5 Credits)



 Total Credits Required:  71 

The program is four semesters in length with 14 weeks of full-time clinical experience in the final semesters. 

Admission criteria for the PTA program are as follows:

  1. Admission to Clovis Community College
  2. Applicants must complete an application packet for Admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Application packets are available online and in the Office of Admissions and Records. Applications must be complete with transcripts from all previously attended colleges received by the Office of Admissions to be considered for admission to the PTA Program. The applicant’s file must contain the following information:
    • All transcripts received by Admissions office.
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0. (Admission to the PTA program will occur on a competition basis. Meeting minimum GPA requirements does not guarantee program acceptance.)
    • Completed observation hours log sheet demonstrating 25 hours of observation with a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant.
    • All General Education and Related Requirement courses must be completed before admission to the PTA Program.
  3. The application deadline is Sept. 1.

Students will recieve an email to their CCC email account regarding the Kaplan Admissions Exam after the application deadline has passed. 


The PTA program utilizes a criteria point system to determine admission into the program. 


The employment outlook for graduates of the Physical Therapist Assistant program is excellent. From 2008-2018 there is a projected 33% increase in employment for PTA's nationwide. The median income for PTA's was $46,140 in 2008.

Read Physical Therapist Assistants on O*Net Online for more information.

State Disclosure - Physical Therapist Assistant

The United States Department of Education requires that every institution of higher education obtain authorization from each state in which it offers distance education opportunities for programs requiring licensure. 

Clovis Community College’s professional licensure programs are designed to prepare students for a license in the state of New Mexico. Students who wish to practice in a state other than New Mexico may or may not have additional requirements to complete prior to applying for a license. 

Graduation from a physical therapist assistant education program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) is necessary for eligibility to sit for the licensure examination, which is required in all states.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Clovis Community College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100, Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085; telephone: 703-706-3245; email:; website:  If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call (575) 769-4067 or email

Students who wish to practice in a state other than New Mexico may or may not have additional requirements to complete prior to applying for the PTA license. 

Complaints Falling Outside of Clovis Community College Due Process

General concerns or complaints pertaining to the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program at Clovis Community College that fall outside of the realm of CCC’s due process should be directed to the Program Director at or the Division Chair of Allied Health at All complaints received will be reviewed by the PTA Program Director and/or the Divison Chair of Allied Health, with a response within five business days of the complaint receipt. 

Contact Info

For more information about CCC's Physical Therapist Assistant program, please contact:

Keishla Cota

Keishla Cota
PTA Program Director
Jennifer Bussey
Academic Advisor