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Getting Started

We recommend that you meet with an Academic Advisor first to file a Radiologic Technology Program Degree plan. It is required that you review the College's course catalog for the Programs of Study and the Radiologic Technology Program Course Descriptions. This will give you more information on the Radiologic Technology Program Application process and inform you of what the requirements are.

Prerequisites and Information

Please familiarize yourself with CCC's degree plan for the Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology.

For additional information, please refer to the most recent Course Catalog.

NOTE: The policies and regulations contained in this catalog apply to all applicants, including those who have filed and are following degree plan requirements of an earlier catalog. If you have any questions regarding the degree plan or don’t live in the Clovis vicinity to visit us, contact the Academic Advising, located in the Dr. H. A. Miller Student Services Center or call (575)769-4020.

Application Process and Download

All applicants must complete a CCC Radiologic Technology Program Application and the Admission Application. The forms should be completed, with care, as this application represents you to the Radiologic Technology Program Selection Committee. Prior applications will not be included in your current file.

Download Application...

In order for your Radiologic Technology Program Application to be considered, you must have the Radiologic Technology Program Application completed in its entirety turned in to the Office of Admissions and Records  by July 1 to be considered for admission to the Radiologic Technology Program for Fall. 

Required Materials

  1. Admission Application  – If not currently enrolled, complete an Application for Admission to the Office Admissions and Records.
  2. Radiologic Technology Program Application  – Complete ALL  sections of the Radiologic Technology Program Application, including the transcript information. Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the office of admissions and records. Note: If you change your address or telephone number after your application has been submitted, you must also notify the Allied Heath Office at (575)769-4976.  The office hours are from 7:30am to 4:00pm.
  3. Transcripts  – You must provide the Office of Admissions and Records a sealed copy of your transcript by one of the following ways:
      1.  Have your school/college to forward your Official Transcript to:
        Clovis Community College
        c/o Office of Admissions & Records
        417 Schepps Boulevard
        Clovis, New Mexico 88101

      2.  You may also “hand deliver” a sealed original copy to the Office of Admissions and Records, located in the Dr. H. A. Miller Student Services Center, just inside the main entrance on the west side of the College.
  4.  Grade Point Average – You must meet the minimum cumulative grade point average of (GPA) of 3.0 to qualify for acceptance. 

    Admission to the Radiologic Technology program will occur on a competition basis. Meeting minimum GPA requirements does not guarantee program acceptance.

  5. Prerequisites  – You must have successfully completed all General Education and Related Requirements as listed on the Radiologic Technology Degree Plan prior to admission to the Radiologic Technology Program. Applicants who are enrolled in the last of these requirements at the time of their application may be considered. All science course requirements must have been completed within five years of entry into the Radiologic Technology program.

  6. Radiologic Technology Program Application files, which do not contain all of the requirements listed above by the  July 1 deadline, are considered as “incomplete”. The incomplete applications will not be reviewed for acceptance by the Radiologic Technology Program Director until all missing and updated information has been received within the above mentioned deadline date. Once the Radiologic Technology Program Application is completed with all requirements met, it will then be forwarded to the Radiologic Technology Program Director if it’s within the semester the application was submitted.

Students should also familiarize themselves with the program's immunization requirements (PDF).

Technical Requirements

To participate in the clinical education portion of the program, the applicants must possess additional non-academic skills and abilities. These technical standards are consistent with the duties of the entry level radiographer in a professional position. Students will be required to:

  • Life and transfer patients to and from the imaging table, stretcher, bed and or wheelchair.
  • Move, adjust, and manipulate equipment to perform imaging procedures.
  • Communicate effectively with personnel in an oral or written format, and in turn also follow written and verbal directions.
  • Use proper discretion and judgment in dealing with patients and others.
  • Think clearly and rationally. Students cannot be in clinical practice while under influence of prescribed medications which could affect decision making and ultimately jeopardize good patient care.
  • To work harmoniously with others in a team while maintaining a high level of enthusiasm.


Contact Info

For more information about CCC's Radiologic Technology program, please contact:

Lori O'Leary,
MHA, R.T.(R)(CT)
Program Director

Jennifer Bussey
Academic Advisor