How it works

Academic Year Program

The academic year program of UB is held in conjunction with the regular academic school year. During this period, students participate in a variety of education, and social activities. Individual needs are assessed which enables instruction, tutoring, and counseling to be tailored to each student. One Saturday each month, Upward Bound students will attend academic seminars and activities at Clovis Community College . Food will be provided to all UB participants. Opportunities for personal enrichment and college/career exploration are also provided. Throughout the school year, UB students will have opportunities to engage in a variety of community service activities and visit nearby colleges or universities.

Summer on Campus (SOC) Experience

The Summer-on-Campus Experience of UB consists of five weeks of activity at Clovis Community College, and one week of travel to visit other university campuses and participate in cultural and recreational activities. The five weeks at Clovis Community College will include academic instruction and tutoring, team building, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. During the sixth week of SOC, UB students will visit a larger urban city to experience museums, performing arts, college tours, and recreational activities.