Programs & Services

In the Center for Student Success, as well as at our offsite locations, we offer a wide range of programs and services to assist you in taking the next steps to achieving your success.

High School Equivalency (GED®) Classes
Clases de Equivalencia de la Escuela Secundaria

Once you’ve been out of school for a while, it can be hard to get back in the swing of things. That’s why we offer a wide array of class options to make that step as easy as possible, including low and advanced level classes, as well as classes taught in Spanish. We also offer a single class in Portales for those who find it hard to make the drive!

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¿Necesitas ayuda para prepararte para el examen del GED® o el HiSet®? Descubre más información aquí.

Online Learning

Whenever you start an HSE class with us, we’ll provide you with access to online learning platforms designed to provide students with plenty of study material outside of class and a personalized learning path to work on from home. Although we believe that face-to-face class time is still the best way to master the material, spending time studying online is a great way to accelerate your learning! 

English (ESL) Classes for Non-English Speakers

Would you like to improve your English skills and increase your vocabulary? Offered in three levels, our ESL classes can help you do just that! We offer both morning and evening classes, as well as evening classes at La Casita Elementary School for those who need childcare. Learn more about class and registration dates on our ESL information page.

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Language Lab

Fluent, but not perfect? Need help improving your English reading, writing, and speaking skills while taking a college course or an HSE class? Our Language Lab can help take you beyond our three levels of ESL classes. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 4:30 in room 172, where we will focus on improving various skills, such as reading comprehension, academic and professional writing, note taking, public speaking, professionalism, and much more!

Computer Classes & Lab

Need to refresh your computer skills or learn basic computer skills for the first time? Any student enrolled in one of our adult education programs may attend our Monday morning computer classes to learn basic computer skills, improve their typing skills, and learn to utilize common office software. 

USCIS Naturalization Interview Prep

Need assistance preparing for the USCIS Naturalization Interview? We offer Monday night classes at La Casita to assist current adult education students in mastering the US Government, History, and Civics concepts covered in the Naturalization Interview. Call the Center for Student Success or speak to your student advisor today for more information.

Please note: We are not an immigration service provider and can not provide any legal advice or assistance in completing the N-400 or other documents. 

Work Skills Training

We work closely with Workforce, Career Link, CCC's Career and Development Center, and other WIOA partners to help students explore potential careers and arrange on-the-job training opportunities. Our WIOA partners can also assist students with résumé writing, job applications, and interview prep. Ask your advisor for more information on WIOA programs that may benefit you. 

CCC Services

In addition to the services housed in the Center for Student Success, all Adult Education students have full access to many CCC services. Many students have found tutoring to be especially helpful, as it gives them that one-on-one assistance they may need to get past a roadblock. Learn more about CCC’s tutoring services on the Tutoring and Writing Center pages!

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Adriana Villezcas,"The best thing about having my diploma is seeing my kids and how proud they are! I feel complete.",Adriana_Villezcas.jpg

Dustin Rasco,"Now that I have my diploma, I am attending CCC and getting my Behavioral Science degree.",Dustin_Rasco.jpg

Adina Chavez,"The hardest part of getting my diploma was leaving my son for classes, but the best thing about having it is telling him I did it!",Adina_Chavez.jpg

Tre Baca,"Work hard, and you’ll accomplish your goals! Now, I get to go to college!",Tre_Baca.jpg

Jeannie Aragon,"Coming back at my age was hard, but don’t give up! Anything is possible!",Jeannie_Aragon.jpg
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