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Emily Glikas Emily Glikas Director I am the director of Adult Education and the Center for Student Success at Clovis Community College. A lover of books and history, I graduated from WTAMU with a bachelor's in history in 2012. In 2015, I moved from Amarillo, TX, to New Mexico and began attending ENMU to earn a master's degree in education. I started teaching HSE (GED®) classes part-time during grad school, and I fell in love with adult education, our students, and our program! After I completed my master's, I started working for the program full-time. When I'm not at work, I love reading, road trips, Jeopardy!, and spending time with my husband, family, and friends.
Veronica Cano Veronica Cano Program Coordinator Hey! I'm Veronica Cano, the CSS Coordinator and morning advisor. I was born and raised in Clovis, and I was a GED® graduate in 2011. Since then, I've earned associate degrees in behavioral science, liberal arts, and general studies. I'm currently working towards my bachelor's in human services. I am living proof that with effort you can achieve all of your educational goals, and I'm here to help you do the same. I can't wait to meet you!
Meriah Guillen Meriah Guillen Instructional Coordinator I am the Adult Education Instructional Coordinator for the Center for Student Success at Clovis Community College. I started tutoring at CCC in 2014 and then began teaching ESL classes in 2015. In 2017, I worked as a reading interventionist in the public schools for a year before coming back to CCC in 2018, when I started teaching HSE English classes as well as ESL classes. I have been doing so ever since. In 2019, I graduated from ENMU with a bachelor's in university studies. In February of 2020, I came on full time as the AE Instructional Coordinator. While I was born and raised in Las Cruces, I call Texico home. I love to write, read, play piano, and spend time with friends and family.
Lupita Rivera Lupita Rivera Data Specialist I am Lupita Rivera and I'm the data specialist for the adult education program. I'm from Friona, but I have worked at Clovis Community College for six years. I'm currently taking classes to obtain a liberal arts degree. My favorite thing about working in adult education are the ESL potlucks — I love exchanging food and culture!
Guadalupe Jauregui Guadalupe Jauregui Student Advisor Hi! My name is Guadalupe, and I am the evening advisor for the adult education program. Originally from Los Angeles, I have lived in Clovis for over a decade. I have worked at the AE program since Fall 2018, speak English and Spanish, and am currently working towards a bachelor's in social work. My favorite thing about being an advisor is getting to know my students, helping them navigate the program, and watching them graduate and go on to achieve their dreams!


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Bill Lopez Bill Lopez HSE Instructor I am an HSE instructor, teaching basic reading and grammar skills at CCC. I enjoy working with students of different backgrounds, and I am always learning new concepts and ideas from students and teachers. I have lived in different countries, and the experiences have helped me understand people's distinct backgrounds and education levels. My desire is to help people achieve their educational and career goals!
Claudia Gaeta Claudia Gaeta ESL Instructor Hello, I'm Claudia Gaeta! I teach ESL 1 and Computer Basics. I am originally from Jalisco, Mexico. I have a bachelor's degree and have been teaching ESL since 2011, which makes me a great fit for adult education!
David Brosseau David Brosseau HSE Instructor A native of the high plains, I grew up in Clovis, went to Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, and now live in Portales. In college, I studied English and music, but I love learning of all sorts and sharing knowledge in fun ways. I teach the high school equivalency (GED®) class at our Portales location. I hope to see you there!
Drena Conn Drena Conn HSE Instructor I am a teacher of math with our HSE program. I also teach transitional math (Basic Algebra 2) for CCC. I was born in California, but I've lived in Clovis most of my life. I have a bachelor's degree in education with an emphasis in math and am working on my master's degree.
Mariah Terry Mariah Terry HSE Instructor I am a teacher of higher level math and lower level English with our HSE program. I am from Moriarty, NM, and have a bachelor's degree in English and in health and physical education. I was a military police officer in the Army National Guard. I have a third degree black belt in martial arts and a first degree black belt in Chinese medicine. I am married and have two dogs, Avalon and Priya. I am currently attending ENMU for my master's degree with the goal to teach English in college.
Marisol Wheeler Marisol Wheeler ESL Instructor I was born in Guatemala, so I speak both Spanish and English! I have a bachelor’s degree in tourism, and I have lived in four countries. I have been teaching ESL since 2019. I love to teach and help my students achieve their new skills in English. I’m married and we have three boys. I love to travel, run, cook and bake.
Meleeniee Sanchez Meleeniee Sanchez HSE Instructor I am a GED® Español instructor here at CCC. I am also an ENMU student. My goal is to obtain a bachelor’s in bilingual education with a minor in business. I have many set goals that I know I will accomplish because I am dedicated to finishing. When I am not working, I usually spend time with my family since I rarely get to see them. I love to do math and I also love to travel to different places.
Nayeli Caldera Nayeli Caldera ESL Instructor Greetings! My name is Nayeli, and I have been an ESL instructor for six years. Having started in Mexico, I have now taught in Clovis for almost three years and plan on returning to Mexico to teach during the summer break. I am interested in aiding students with becoming citizens and part of this growing community. Currently, I teach ESL 4 in the morning and the citizenship class on Mondays. Anyone and everyone is welcome!
Rocio Carrasco Rocio Carrasco HSE Instructor I was born in Mexico, attended college there, and earned my doctorate degree in law. I moved to Texas in 2008. I am married and have two children. I have several hobbies, including riding horses, fishing, reading, and shopping. I have been a GED® Español instructor here at CCC since 2014, and I believe that education is the passport to the future.
Tametrya Myers Tametrya Myers HSE / ESL Instructor My name is Tametrya Myers! I teach an HSE class and an ESL class. I have a master's in liberal arts with an emphasis in English. This is my fourth year teaching here, and I love it!
Wendy Hendrick Wendy Hendrick HSE Instructor I have a bachelor's degree in religion and philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College in NY. I am currently enrolled at Eastern New Mexico University studying biology with an emphasis in pre-med. I love teaching and explaining tough concepts in a new and fresh way. My passion is helping people and watching them soar. I am a single mom of a very active ten-year-old girl who is the light of my life. Some of my hobbies include playing guitar, learning sign language, and reading.
William Cochran William Cochran HSE Instructor Hi! I'm William Cochran, and I teach math for this program. I am from Clovis, NM, I have three associate degrees, and I am working on my bachelor's. I graduated with my GED® from the program in 2015, which makes me a great fit to teach adult education!

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Adriana Villezcas,"The best thing about having my diploma is seeing my kids and how proud they are! I feel complete.",Adriana_Villezcas.jpg

Dustin Rasco,"Now that I have my diploma, I am attending CCC and getting my Behavioral Science degree.",Dustin_Rasco.jpg

Adina Chavez,"The hardest part of getting my diploma was leaving my son for classes, but the best thing about having it is telling him I did it!",Adina_Chavez.jpg

Tre Baca,"Work hard, and you’ll accomplish your goals! Now, I get to go to college!",Tre_Baca.jpg

Jeannie Aragon,"Coming back at my age was hard, but don’t give up! Anything is possible!",Jeannie_Aragon.jpg
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