Verification FAQ


Verification is a federally mandated quality control process in which the Department of Education selects student files at random for review. If you are selected for verification, the school is required to check certain data on the FAFSA and compare them to your financial documents. We need additional paperwork to complete this process. If your file is selected for verification, you will be notified on your PATHWAY Financial Aid tab.

If your application has been selected for verification by the Federal Processor, CCC will notify you by email and request the additional documentation that is needed to complete the processing of your application.

If you DID NOT use the Data Retrieval Tool when filling out your FAFSA you are required to submit signed copies of income tax transcripts and other documents to the Financial Aid Office. If your application is selected for verification, you will not be eligible for federal aid until this process is completed. The following items must be submitted if your application is selected:

  • A signed copy of your (and your spouse's, if married) 2 years prior Federal income tax transcripts, and schedule.
  • A copy of all W-2s associated with your income tax form, if requested.
  • A signed copy of your parents' prior year federal income tax transcripts (Dependent Students).
  • A completed Verification Worksheet.

Other supporting documents that may be requested:

  • Food Stamps verification
  • Child support
  • Immigration Status
  • Social Security
  • Birth Certificate(s)
  • Divorce/Separation documentation (must have correct, current name)
  • Veteran benefits
  • Ward of court
  • DD-214

Additional documentation may be required.  To avoid unnecessary delays, please submit all required documents promptly. Also, be sure you have filled out the Verification Worksheet completely and that all documents are signed by the appropriate parties. Documents with blanks and missing signatures will not be processed until complete.

The information/paperwork you submitted conflicts with the information on your FAFSA or in our Student Information System and we are required to verify that all information is correct and clear up any discrepancies in your file.


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