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You will take three types of tests while in the program:

  1. The TABE test tells us what you remember from school so we can place you in the correct class. We give this to you during registration week and again once you have put in 40 hours of class time. This is just to check that you are learning the information we are teaching you. The TABE test is also a good indicator of when you are ready to take an official practice test
  2. An official practice test (OPT) predicts how you will do on the official exam. Students may take an OPT at any time, but we will also have students in our classes take an OPT once they score a level 5 or 6 on the TABE test.
  3. An HSE exam (either GED® or HiSET®) is taken when you have made a passing score on the practice test.
How long your journey will take depends on where you are starting from, how long you have been out of school, how much you remember from school, and how much you have learned from life experiences. Just as everyone’s journey to this point has been different, each person’s journey from this point forward will be unique. Our classes are designed to help you focus on one or two test subjects at a time.
Your TABE scores will tell us your starting point and give a general idea of how long your journey will take. You will take an official practice test once your TABE scores are high enough. This test is designed and scored just like the real exams and will give you a good idea of your readiness. Additionally, your instructor will go over your score and readiness with you after the practice test.
We hold a graduation ceremony periodically. We will loan you the cap and gown for the formal ceremony. Your family and friends are invited to share in your success! For more information, please visit our graduation information page or contact us directly.

Class & Study

Yes, you can always study your notes outside of class, request extra work from your teacher, or practice your math or reading online.
Your attendance in class is the most important part of your ability to be successful at passing the HSE exam.
In an adult program, you are treated as an adult. Therefore, you are expected to act like an adult. This is not a place to just hang out. Adults are here to learn because they need to improve their job situations, support their families, and get on with their lives. Adults who attend our classes do not have much patience for other students who do not want to learn while in the classroom.
In order for your instructors to know you are understanding the material presented in class, you must participate in class. As an adult learner, you are expected to speak up in class, ask and answer questions as well as complete writing assignments, and participate in group discussions.


Both the GED® and HiSET® exams test you in the key areas of math, social studies, science, and language arts. However, the number of tests covering these areas varies between the two. Please see the GED® info page or HiSET® info page to learn more.
The maximum amount of time each test allows varies. Please see the GED® info page or HiSET® info page to learn more.
If you do not pass one of the tests, you may want to study more and then try to retake it. Each time you pay for an HSE test in a given subject, you get 2 free retakes. If you don't pass the third time, there will be a 60-day waiting period before you can schedule another test.


Cost varies by which HSE exam you take. To learn more, please see the GED® info page (choose New Mexico from the dropdown on that page) or HiSET® info page (scroll down to "Fees, Payments, & Refunds").
The registration process occurs entirely online. We will cover exam registration and account set up during our class registration. You will need a government issued identification card (such as a state ID, driver’s license, federal passport, or military ID) when you register for your HSE account.
Exams can be taken at any time during CCC Testing Center’s designated hours. The schedule is available online when you register for the exam. You may schedule up to two exam modules per day. Please understand that the evening exam times are very limited and you may need to take your exam during the day before 5pm.
Clovis Community College Testing Center in Room 108
You will need your government issued ID, the same one you used to set up your online account. All other personal items such as bags, phones, and coats must be left in a locker while you are testing. Food and drink are not permitted in the testing center.


Scoring varies by which HSE exam you take. Please see the GED® info page or HiSET® info page to learn more.
The timeframes for receiving your official scores varies by which HSE exam you take. Please see the GED® info page or HiSET® info page to learn more.
Your official HSE exam scores will be posted to your online account. Your score report will clearly indicate whether or not you passed, but if you would like to better understand your scores, check out the GED® Test Scores page or the HiSET® Score Reports page.

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